You Shouldn’t Kill Elephants … but …

I’ve literally spent years (maybe just months) learning and building MapReduce solutions.

Today I read that it was a largely deprecated technology...

Lookit, I use to be a Flash developer. Before that I made a living burning Adobe Director CD-Rom apps.
… so I’m used to this technology-evolution-stuff.

However, not to sound like an old man, but: “mapreduce is an important construct to understand before tackling the principles of big data and blah, blah, blah…”

But jokes aside it’s totally true

Before l started fiddling with iPhone app development I took a whole course in C. Not C#. Or C++. Just C. That ancient language that gave the world so much. So many corny video games and antiquated databases.

Having a base is important. Especially if you think you already know it.

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