Stats Funkin’ Blow


I did really well in Uni-stats.  But in fairness I was going out with a virgin-genius and so my study habits were directly correlated with my desire to invade her blonde Spark.  (see what i did there?)

But even after spending 2 months in rehab doing nothing but studying Poisson Distributions and working out with Fentanyl addicts, I found myself struggling..

It's not the math; that's elementary at best.  It's the conceptional A|B clauses that always throw me.

It's a brain f*ck.  And the older I get, although i get much sexier, my stats skills diminish.

Long story short, before delving into any of this data science stuff you need to learn your stats.  Give yourself a good couple of months of dedication.

Even better, get yourself arrested for some inoffensive non-violent crime and do your time in the library.

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