This site is amazing.  I might be out of the loop because I’ve only just recently discovered it.

Inevitably some antiseptic nerdling will scream about how behind the times I am and how she can't believe I haven't seen the new Han Solo movie yet.

Have Not Seen

Well, I also I just discovered the dark web too, but I’m scared of that.

Kaggle is the center of the Universe when it comes to learning Data Science.  First off, it’s got a DataSet section packed with stuff you can practice on (including the Titanic set we've looked at earlier) as well as related problems you can try to solve.

The exciting part however is the Competitions section.  Here you can pit your brains against other nerdlings to try and solve more complex problems.  There are even companies willing to pay some decent $$ to help out with their data.

A Nerd


Who wants to have a go??  I'll crush your little brains my pretties!



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