I love pi.

Cute girl holding Pi
Cute girl holding Pi

My raspberry pi came today. I love this tiny little creature, but mark my worlds, although they say it’s easy to set up it is NOT.

However in fairness I refused to get a monitor, keyboard or mouse (for the principle, not because I’m poor) so I was going “headless”, as the nerdlings say.

I literally can not be bothered to explain the process here but if anyone wants help email me and I’ll try to be useful.

It basically involves a lot of pUtty and a couple of minutes with a smart TV and an HDMI cable.

Next is the pi zero. In terms of technology I’m clearly devolving. Also so is my love life.

Soon I’m going to be rocking the Apollo 11 gear at Starbucks (Apollo Guidance Computer. 1024 bit core memory. F*ck I’m hawt.) How hipster would that be???

Apollo Guidance Computer

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