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I am horrible with syntax.  Throw me a language, blind, and ask me to output Hello World, and as Thor is my witness I wouldn’t have a clue.  I could guess. And even provide a pretty good guess. But it would still be a guess.

Console.WriteLine("Hello, world!");
printf("hello, world\n");
10 PRINT "Hello, World!"
DISPLAY "Hello, world!"

Python? C? Basic? COBOL?

Years ago I went for an interview at one of those archaic recruiting agencies that make you do blind programming exams. I left immediately.

Why would I spend valuable brain matter memorizing letters or numbers that don’t need to be memorized?  I don’t know my phone number. You know why? It’s on my phone.

My brain matter is mine.  If I decide to burn it on booze and drugs that's my prerogative.

Lame T-Shirt

Programming isn’t about rote.  It’s about problem solving.

One of my favorite analytics guys came up with a great interview method: put some punk in a room with a computer and some bog-standard coding problem to solve.

The caveat is that there is no power cable.  Unbeknownst to her, she's got 90 minutes to find power for the computer before even starting.

If you come back, 90 minutes later, and she's still sitting there baffled, you throw her to the curb.  If she's spent an hour and a half making friends around the office, bartering with the staff, and digging through trash cans to find a power, you hire her immediately.

I went off track there...

Tiny Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets.  Since my brain can only hold the very minimum of information I started writing my own cheat sheets for everything.  Eventually I realized that other, smarter people have been doing this for years.

So I'm lifting (stealing) the best ones I can find off the web with the intention of compiling them into a nifty collection on this site.

Any suggestions?  Anyone out there?

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