Who Am I?

Computers have been my left hand for almost as long as I can remember. I grew up coding little games on a C64, surfing CompuServe forums and memorizing DOS commands. And no, I didn’t know any girls.

Years later there i was, managing the creation of web products that I couldn’t possibly have imagined 20+ years before. I got to be on the front lines as tiny companies grew up to rule the world and ancient industries scrambled to find a place. And ya, I even knew a couple of girls.

Now I've decided to throw it all away and get back into the deep end.  The Data deep end.  I love solving problems, building and planning innovative products, exchanging and debating solutions with smart people.  So it seems like a natural evolution.

My Github site is a mess.  Feel free to scour, but be warned: It stinks like a teenager's bedroom:


Also my LinkedIn:


Also my DZone articles:

DZone Data Science


Meet the Team

We are currently a humble posse. That is a circumlocution for “poor”.  

Apple was built in a garage.  We don’t have a garage.

We should probably get a garage.


Dog.  Wall-eyed.  Daft

Doesn’t do much except sit on the air-con vent like she owns the place. Dog likes sniffing stuff.  So does Charlie Sheen and I would definitely hire him. So dog stays.

Yesterday dog licked ants off the sidewalk then threw up.

Matt Hughes

CTO.  Bachelor Contestant.

The brains behind the operation.  Experienced developer. Super good at making grilled cheese sandwiches and his mum thinks he’s really cool.

Silvio Goergini

Trans-gendered Cluster Computer.

Sergio has settled on “it” as his pronoun of choice.  It has a couple of lights that blink and can make a meowing sound with Scratch.  Dog hates ItMatt hates dog.  It hates Matt.

We need an HR dept.

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